Discovering Art Tour

  • Discovering Art Tour


    Join us on our Discovering Art Tour, and experience the exciting diversity of the art world. Come to our historic country house location and learn from Director, Aidan Meller about investment and the global art market today. Get to grips with the long and exciting narrative of art history with 1000 years of art, illustrated by original works from our collection. Delve into the details of your favourite art movements, and most loved artists, with our dedicated series of talks, from the Pre-Raphaelites, to Picasso. And pop into the gallery for a one to one with Aidan, a unique and personal service helping you to discover and develop your personal vision for your collection.

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  • 1. Art Investment Evening


    Join us and a small group at our historic country house location by the Thames to learn more about the value of art today. Hear from Aidan Meller’s twenty years of experience as a collector and gallery owner. Explore the building that once inspired Graham’s Toad Hall, housed Elizabeth I, and set the stage for a famous, Pre-Raphaelite love affair. And come away with a straight forward ‘toolkit’ to collecting with confidence.

  • 2. 1,000 Years of Art History


    The field of art history can seem endless. Covering 1000 years of art history in just a single hour, this talk aims to wrap up the fundamentals of art history. Touching on some of art’s most scandalous ideas and pioneering partnerships, it should help you feel familiar with the milestones of art history. What made the Pre-Raphaelites the first avant-garde movement, and how did Picasso break out of his ‘blue period’? Is there really a difference between modern and contemporary art? With the answers to some of art’s fundamental questions, I hope that you’ll start drawing your own lines of discovery in this field.

  • 3. The Birth of the Avant-garde

    Exploring the first major rebellions against the art establishment, this talk describes the birth of Modernism in the nineteenth century. Handling topics from the camera’s invention to the French Revolution, we'll be focussing on the relationship between technological, political, and artistic revolutions. Highlighting Millet’s gritty realism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood’s luminuous detail, this diverse talk unearths the root’s of contemporary art.

  • 4. The Rise of Paris

    With Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Paris became the bedrock of avant-garde art. By the turn of the century, young artists were flocking to the city from all over Europe, to get a slice of the bohemian scene. Exploring Paris when it was really sizzling, you’ll encounter Surrealism and Cubism, Picasso and Chagall, and Kahnweiler and the infamous Vollard. 

  • 5. Personal Debrief


    Benefit from our bespoke client services, whether you’re looking to take the first step of your collecting journey, or seeking assistance with the management or development of your collection. With training grounded in Sotheby’s, and twenty years of experience an art gallery owner and collector, Aidan offers a service unique to your needs and interests. Visit the gallery in the heart of Oxford and meet Aidan Meller for expert, effective and professional advice for each step of your collecting journey. 



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