Pablo Picasso

Original Linocut
Limited edition of 100
Created 1961
Hand-signed by the artist and numbered

Ever thought about living for just one day?

Born in the morning, reaching the end of life in the evening….. This beach scene picture perhaps suggests Picasso would spend it with a woman by the sea in Provence – not a bad place to have a short existence!

This original linocut accompanies a set of works he did on the subject of just a single day of existence.

Ironically, Picasso’s fame as an artist delightfully immortalises the figures he created; this linocut with solid, stable lines placed to create a vibrant, powerful woman is an image that fixes in our minds. Look at the solid rib cage lines, and the tree trunk legs, firmly planted into the ground. Picasso single-handedly redefined how we draw and imagine the human image through his distortions that still have the power to shock today. The altered body forms in bizarre shapes and angles manage to reveal more truth than a straightforward photograph of a person. Picasso captures the inner life and the raw emotions and challenges that live within each one of us on a daily basis.

Picasso’s imagination was seemingly limitless – he was never constrained by the restrictions of visual reality, and he loved mythology. The minotaur and faun are repeated characters in his work, and the magical beings that live for just a day are a super example of Picasso’s love of the unusual and semi-real. And this linocut is a fantastic example of Picasso at his best – sharp lines, sensual distortion, powerful and raw images.

If you love Picasso, and you love strong figures and ground-breaking imagery, this is the perfect artwork for you. Book an appointment here, or call 01865 250550.

Price: £31,000