Life, Death and Nudity Explored by Picasso

Pablo Picasso Original Linocut Limited edition of 100 Created 1961 Hand-signed by the artist and numbered Ever thought about living for just one day? Born in the morning, reaching the end of life in the evening….. This beach scene picture perhaps suggests Picasso would spend it with a woman by the sea in Provence -…

A walk through Christ Church Picture Gallery

Tucked in beside the college’s monumental quadrangles, the Picture Gallery struggles to draw attention to itself. Its unassuming entrance, in fact, is only distinguishable from a residential door by a pair of sign posts.

Jean Cocteau — Two fashion drawings, signed

Two fashion drawings for Edward Molyneux By Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) Pencil on paper Hand-signed by the artist

Hosting an Art Prize with Headington School

Firstly we would like to congratulate all who entered the annual Aidan Meller Art Prize with Headington School. It was a tough task judging such a talented group of individuals.

Portrait of Georges Marchal by Jean Cocteau

Portrait of Georges Marchal By Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) Pencil on paper 1944, 31x 47cm Hand-signed and dated by the artist Cocteau’s elegant line drawing of Georges Marchal of 1944 is amongst his most sensitive portraits. This portrait represents the actor on the brink of his rise to fame. Cinematic legend Marchal would go on to…

Modernist Bohemia: Montparnasse to St. Ives

Aidan Meller Gallery’s latest exhibition, Modernist Bohemia presents significant work from the vibrant period spanning the years between the 1860s and the mid-twentieth century. Displaying the experimentation and innovation characteristic of the period, the works on show at Aidan Meller Gallery are compelling examples of Modernist response to the tumult of industrialisation and urbanisation and…

An evening with Jeff Koons

While attending Koons award ceremony at the Ashmolean Museum organised by the Edgar Wind Society, Aidan had the rare chance to learn more about one of the most controversial and successful figures in art. Jeff Koons (Born 1955) is an American artist known for transforming everyday objects—such as balloon animals—by producing them in stainless steel with…

New arrival! — A drawing by Dali

SALVADOR DALI (1904 – 1989) Original pen and ink drawing on paper, c 1951 31 x 23cm The thunderous horseman is one of Dali’s most attractive and well-loved motifs, and we are thrilled to have this excellent example in the gallery. This ink on paper original drawing, 31 x 23cm, is dedicated to his beloved…

A trip to the Graves Gallery in Sheffield

The Graves Gallery is located above the Central Library in Sheffield. It began in 1934 with the support of John George Graves who also donated over 700 paintings. The impressive collection was advanced further by the first Director John Rothenstein, who later headed Tate Britain. The collection holds significant work from some of the most important figures in…

Meeting the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire

Aidan enjoyed meeting the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire at Chatsworth. It was a lovely meeting hearing about the renaissance taking place at Chatsworth, learning how the Duke is transforming the house as he repairs and renovates the building. He also had some great advice on how to put an event together, as the family…

New Arrival! — An exceptionally rare Pre-Raphaelite school artwork

Pre-Raphaelite School ‘The Virgin Mary’ after Jan van Eyck A rare original Rowley, Kensington PRB triptych Medium: Embroidery and oil paint on wooden board and metal work Size: 51 cm x 49 cm (open) 26cms x 49 cms (closed) This is one of the finest, most dazzling, and unusual Pre-Raphaelite depictions of Mary you are…

Folk Art — A rare work from a bygone age, c.1790’s

What is Folk Art? Folk Art, or naïve art, is becoming popular – with L.S Lowry and the American folk artist Edward Hicks selling for over $4 million? Why is it popular? It’s Art that connects us with the history of the ordinary people and their daily lives. We gain insight into our present through…

J.R.R Tolkien — A sketch of our gallery on Turl Street

In addition to the physical transition of the gallery, the move to Turl Street has brought us closer to the heart of Oxford. Here on Turl Street, one can almost hear the footsteps of history, all of the past students and travellers who have crossed these cobblestones. One of Oxford’s famous faces, Tolkien, called Turl…

Thomas Stothard RA — A Loving Portrait of his Wife

Our Valentine’s Day Featured Artwork A rare opportunity to own an artwork by the artist who taught and worked with John Constable and William Blake. Our featured artwork this week is by one of the first Royal Academy students, Thomas Stothard. It is perfect as a Valentine’s Gift.

Aidan Meller Art Prize — St. Edwards School

Now in our third year, the Aidan Meller Art Prize for St. Edwards School is proud to help support young talent in Oxford. The students exhibited within our viewing space at 13 Turl Street alongside original work by the likes of Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick, Terry Frost and many others.

William Holman Hunt — An exciting discovery

We have a very exciting sketch here at the gallery – attributed to William Holman Hunt. He was a founder of the first avant-garde art movement, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood along with John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. We believe we have a sketch for one of the most famous Pre-Raphaelite paintings ever made –…

Aidan Meller — Our 2017 Essential Exhibitions Guide

The year ahead holds an abundance of opportunities for art lovers. We have found 12 months worth of exhibition essentials to help get you started and we plan to add to this list as we discover anything that cannot be missed.

We have moved — 13 Turl Street and an Elizabethan Manor

We are very excited to have moved our gallery to 13 Turl Street. This unique space that once supplied the street with newspapers and confectionery now holds original and rare works of art by the world’s most exciting artists.

Pre-Raphaelite — The first modern avant-garde?

True beginnings When did modern art begin in England? For years art historians have discussed this controversial subject, trying to trace back the birth of British modernism.

Introducing — Our Modern British exhibition

Aidan Meller gallery presents a major exhibition that celebrates the inventiveness and emotional range of British Modernism. On display are works from two radical generations of painters and sculptors that continue to influence artists today.

What is Surrealism — A quick guide

Surrealism: NOUN. [mass noun] A twentieth-century avant-garde movement in art … which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind …  

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