Folk Art — A rare work from a bygone age, c.1790’s

What is Folk Art? Folk Art, or naïve art, is becoming popular – with L.S Lowry and the American folk artist Edward Hicks selling for over $4 million? Why is it popular? It’s Art that connects us with the history of the ordinary people and their daily lives. We gain insight into our present through…

J.R.R Tolkien — A sketch of our gallery on Turl Street

In addition to the physical transition of the gallery, the move to Turl Street has brought us closer to the heart of Oxford. Here on Turl Street, one can almost hear the footsteps of history, all of the past students and travellers who have crossed these cobblestones. One of Oxford’s famous faces, Tolkien, called Turl…

Thomas Stothard RA — A Loving Portrait of his Wife

Our Valentine’s Day Featured Artwork A rare opportunity to own an artwork by the artist who taught and worked with John Constable and William Blake. Our featured artwork this week is by one of the first Royal Academy students, Thomas Stothard. It is perfect as a Valentine’s Gift.

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